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1.5" Laser Tracker SMR Ball Probe Rhino Series Tough Probe - Standard Accuracy SMR




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Centering: +/- 0.0005" or Better

This is a Standard Accuracy 1.5" SMR that is compatible with all makes and models of Laser Trackers, including those manufactured by the following OEMs: FARO, Leica / Hexagon, and Automated Precision Inc. ( API ).

They can be used in a wide variety of Laser Tracker SMR Applications. 

There are traditionally Three Types of SMRs:

3 Panel Glass - The optic can shatter or crack if dropped

2 Piece Metal Insert (Aluminum Optic in Stainless Steel Sphere)  - This describes our Rhino series. We use a proprietary production process to assemble these SMR s in a way that ensures that the insert will never fall out, unlike some competitive products on the market.  Often these are described as Break Resistant. The Rhino Series SMR s offer similar performance to a one piece solid, but at a lower price. 

1 Piece Solid Sphere - The Solid ball SMR is almost bullet proof. They can be dropped and will never break.