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1.5" Laser Tracker SMR - Rhino Series Tough Probe - Standard Accuracy




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Centering: +/- 0.0005" or Better

This is a Standard Accuracy 1.5" SMR that is compatible with all makes and models of Laser Trackers, including those manufactured by the following OEMs: FARO, Leica / Hexagon, and Automated Precision Inc. ( API ).

They can be used in a wide variety of Laser Tracker SMR Applications. 

There are traditionally Three Types of SMRs:

3 Panel Glass - The optic can shatter or crack if dropped

2 Piece Metal Insert (Aluminum Optic in Stainless Steel Sphere)  - This describes our Rhino series. We use a proprietary production process to assemble these SMR s in a way that ensures that the insert will never fall out, unlike some competitive products on the market.  Often these are described as Break Resistant. The Rhino Series SMR's offer similar performance to a one piece solid, but at a lower price. 

1 Piece Solid Sphere - The Solid ball SMR is almost bullet proof. They can be dropped and will never break.